Animal Law

Simply put, Animal Law  is a blend of legal, biological, and social law. This includes all animals ranging from companion animals (cats and dogs), wildlife, and even animals used for entertainment, researching purposes, and livestock. Animal Law is not just limited to the traditional sense of law like contract, family, constitutional, criminal, etc. It deals also with a wider range of areas such as, animal custody, veterinary malpractice, discrimination laws, trusts’ for companion animals, wrongful injury/death, as well as serious issues like animal abuse, domestic violence, and anti-cruelty laws.

Dusty and Jennifer King are staunch supporters of animal rescue, and Dusty is a member of the executive committee of the Animal Law Section of the Tennessee Bar Association.  Non-profit organizations deal with many of the same challenges that for-profit companies address, including corporate governance issues, liability issues and contractual disputes.  Our goal is to help animal rescue organizations deal with these and other legal challenges so they can get back to what they do best, saving our four-legged friends.